AAI Review | Drishtikon Home Studio Baithak Season IV


Drishtikon saw the 4th Season of its Home Studio Baithak on Saturday the 11th August, 2018. A new set of youngsters were all set to make their mark. This time the in house performers were Anjana Singh (Classical Kathak) and Manoj Sonagra (Contemporary based on Kathak). The guest performer was the youngest prodigy of the renowned Gangani Family, Nishit Gangani (Tabla).

The show started with Nishit’s Tabla recital. He seemed quite composed even with his Guru Pt. Fateh Singh Gangani sitting in the audience. He played many compositions each ending with the claps and loud applaud of the audience. His performance was a perfect blend of melody and fire cracking speed. No wonder he has millions of views and followers on Facebook and Youtube.

Anjana’s performance ‘Drops’ was all about thunder, rain drops, happiness, grief, beauty, abhinaya and strong footwork. She ended her performance with a piece on the beautiful bandish ‘Baadarwa garje megha barse’. I could see in her the confidence of performing in one’s own studio. It seemed as if the floor was reciprocating to her footwork. In all an enjoyable performance.

The surprise for the evening (at least for me) was ‘Fluctuations’ by Manoj. I have seen Manoj since the time he had joined Drishtikon. ‘Fluctuations’ is a big transformation for him, coming from a strictly classical Kathak background. An otherwise shy person, he was so bold when he looked right into your eye while performing Fluctuations. I am sure the audience was awestruck seeing him perform with such audacity. All I can say is an amazing stage setup and choreography and a splendid performance. A much deserved standing ovation.

This was the first time in the last 15 years that my Baba (my father) who is 72 now wanted to come and see a Baithak. He was overjoyed and felt it worth travelling 30 kms and back to witness the Drishtikon Home Studio Baithak. He reminisced of his younger days when he used to witness similar baithaks in his hometown Varanasi where Pt. Shanta Maharaj, Pt Gopi Kishan, Pt. Mahadev Misra etc. used to perform.

Such is the impact of the Drishtikon Home Studio Baithak. Here’s to many more such avenues!

Please N.B. – I am not an artist or a technical person to comment on or judge any aspect of the performance. I do understand what all pain one takes and the courage one puts up to present such a performance and highly appreciate and respect it. Whatever I write is purely what I feel sitting in the audience.

Photography @ Arijeet Mukherjee
Copyright @ Artist Association of India

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