33020620_994343414047689_8905523789568147456_oThey came, they danced and they conquered!

Yesterday evening Kadamb closed the SBKK Dance Festival with a power-packed and extremely impressive performance. The dance, the costumes, the music and the lighting everything was to the tee. It was very hard to keep the eyes off the stage.

Kadamb did 2 pieces, a classical piece choreographed by the legendary Padma Bhushan, Smt. Kumudini Lakhia Ji and a contemporary piece called Movements and Stills choreographed by Shri Santosh Nair Ji. The music for the classical piece was done by Shri Madhup Mudgal Ji and that of Movement and Stills was done by Mr. Bernhard Schimpelsberger. The lighting was done quite brilliantly by Shri Gyan Dev Singh. He used fantastic gobos to create scenes from the historic Mughal courts. The criss cross lights created a magical effect every now and then.

The dancers were full of energy and displayed sharp skills. Sanjukta Sinhawith her lightening swift moves (as usual), was an absolute pleasure to watch.

In all it was a very refreshing performance and by far the best of the season.

It was wonderful to hear Kumiben tell the audience that she has started practising dance again and would most probably be performing when she turns 90 in the year 2020 on the Kamani stage. What an inspiration!! I can’t wait to witness that.

Please N.B. – I am not an artist or a technical person to comment on or judge any aspect of the performance. I do understand what all pain one takes and the courage one puts up to present such a performance and highly appreciate and respect it. Whatever I write is purely what I feel sitting in the audience.

Photographs @ Arijeet Mukherjee
Copyright @ Artist Association of India

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