A powerhouse of Kathak….elegant, beautiful and sharp!

As the classical season in India is turning on to a full throttle, it is very hard to keep a track of who is performing where with so many performances happening each day. Thanks to facebook for keeping us updated with all the “NOT TO BE MISSED” performances.

One such performance that I nearly missed was Sanjukta Sinha performing for the Gandharva Mahavidyalaya’s PRASTAAR festival on the 15th September 2017 at the Kamani Auditorium, Mandi House, Delhi.

Dancing to a houseful audience in Kamani, Sanjukta kept everybody on the edge of their seats with her powerful and swift moves. Many a times I felt that the floor would give up to the supremacy of her footwork. And let me tell you all this splendor of her foot was with a torn ligament. I wonder what she would do without one.

I have heard many people saying that new entrants in the Kathak world aspire to dance like Sanjukta Sinha someday. This makes her even more responsible towards her art and to continue inspiring the future generations.

A specific gobo used to light the second part of her performance gave a beautiful effect enhancing her gorgeous white costume. The musicians (Drishtikon | Ex-Drishtikon repertory) were mind-blowing as usual.

In all, a vibrant and a power-packed performance. Time well spent!

Please N.B. – I am not an artist or a technical person to comment on or judge any aspect of the performance. I do understand what all pain one takes and the courage one puts up to present such a performance and highly appreciate and respect it. Whatever I write is purely what I feel sitting in the audience.

Photographs @ Arijeet Mukherjee
Copyright @ Artist Association of India

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