AAI REVIEW – National Classical Dance Festival






Last Sunday, 25.06.2017, Chandigarh saw the conclusion of the National Classical Dance Festival organised by

the Department of Cultural Affairs Chandigarh Administration and the Tagore Theatre Society by Elisha Deep Garg and Sunny Shishodiya. With a remarkable number of people rolling in, the finale had Dr. Shobha Koser from Pracheen Kala Kendra as the Chief Guest for the evening.

Elisha and Sunny started the performance with ‘ardhang’, the ‘ardnarishwar swaroop’ of Shiva and Parvati portraying the facets of ‘tandav’ and ‘lasya’ and moved on to a solo presentation by Sunny and then to a duet composition set in taal dhamaar. The audience could not stop clapping to the intriguing and percussive footwork performed by the young duo. Well versed in their art form both Sunny and Elisha complemented each other on stage.

‘Lapak jhapak pag rokat shyam’, Elisha started off the second half with a romantic ‘thumri’ depicting the ‘ched-chad’ between Lord Krishna and his beloved Radha. Executed beautifully by Elisha, the finesse and delicate moves of the thumri instantly touched the hearts of the audience. The duo concluded the evening with some excellent renditions in teen taal.

With the kind of power and swiftness that Sunny and Elisha generate through their dance, they completely seemed to dominate the musicians. With an often irrelevant increase in the rhythm (laya) by the musicians, both held their ground to an awesome performance.

Photography @ Arijeet Mukherjee

Copyright @ Artist Association of India

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